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Spanish Club

Established Fall 1997
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The Spanish Club here at Cuyamaca College came about because students wanted some place outside the classroom that they could use the language they are studying. Our members organize events that are of interest to them: we take field trips, watch movies, listen to guest speakers, and other such activities.

Our purpose is to promote the Spanish language and the culture of its speakers. We also attempt to create an environment that will bring people together to discuss topics related to Spanish, and give students the opportunity to practice their Spanish.

Why join the Spanish Club?  Here are a few good reasons...

  • A great way to practice what you are learning in Spanish class
  • A fun way to meet fellow students
  • Delicious Food and Language
  • Learn about another culture
  • Possible extra credit opportunity (check with your Spanish Instructor)

Department Chair: Dr. Ezequiel Cárdenas |  Phone: 660-4216 | FAX: 660-4399 | Email:


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