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Study Help Links

Check out these online tutoring resources on the Internet:

Need help with general study skills?
Learn more about time management, reading, highlighting, studying, taking tests and stress management.  Visit additional sites at Dartmouth, Berkeley, and Virginia Tech.

Need help with math? 
Visit Dr. Freedman's Math Help for assistance with basic math, algebra, study skills and  math anxiety.
Tips on how to study math, how to solve problems and how to take math tests

Need help with math, science or engineering?
Frank Potters Science Gems through UC Irvine has 3100 Internet sources for physical science, earth science, life science, math, and engineering for elementary through graduate school

Need help with English as a Second Language?
This site contains Web projects by ESL students, tips on how to study English, grammar and vocabulary practice.

Need help with Spanish?
Free online tutorial for Spanish which includes explanations of basic grammar concepts, vocabulary and notes on culture and useful links for Spanish students

Need help with psychology?
Visit the Psych Web for hundreds of helpful links related to psychology including a section on careers in psychology.

Need help with history?
Research any topic in history at the History Channel Web site:

Need help with Writing and General Study Skills?
Useful tips on writing, how to do research, study skills and time management from the University of Toronto site.

Online guide to grammar and style for help with basic grammar questions
This site has quotes that you can use in your papers.

Need help with your speech? Visit the Public Speaking Web site to learn how to assess, analyze, research, organize and deliver your speech:

Need to look it up or do research for your papers?
Many online resources are available through your College Library.

The entire multi-media Encyclopedia Britannica is now online and the service is free.  The site also lists best internet sites and news from magazines and newspapers.

Use the Internet Public Library to find references, magazines, newpapers and online texts.

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